Bringing Back Classic Toys For Your Children

With smarter and curious children, the parents should transform their play times. Children have the capability to convert anything that they have in their hand for their amusement. They do prefer natural toys. And, it is also better to provide some of the history’s toys to replace the current electronic models. Exploring the playtime with intellectual games is imperative. The 19th-century toys featured building blocks made of steel, the hula-hoops, an exciting range of wooden figurines and so on. In Egypt, the kids played with the dried grapevines which formed the earliest ring around their waistline. Then came the toys made of metals.

The wooden and metal hula-hoops were a hit among the children of those generations. And, the Hawaiian hula dance takes its origin from there. The hoops were rotated around the hips for amusement. It grew in popularity by the 1950s, and it is even found in the stores today. In the 20th century, the Erector set was the precious possession of all kids then. It was developed by a well-educated doctor to spark the young and curious minds. It had steel girders in different sizes which must be connected with bolts and nuts to create machines, bridges, and buildings. It could be reassembled as required.

These erector sets were sold in millions during the initial years itself. There were advertising campaigns to promote the sales. These toys were the preliminary models for Ferris range of building wheels. Marbles are another set of classic toys that was a part of the childhood of all kids. Archaeologists have found such shiny objects that date back to 3000 B.C. and before. During the olden days, they were made of clay. And today’s versions have several intricate designs on them. Later, molten glass produced marbles with an innate swirl. Colors were added to make them more attractive. It soon became a popular collectible among children. It would be great if we could bring back such creative toys.

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