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Keeping The Family Entertained Without A TV

It seems lounging in front of the TV has become more than an addiction in keeping the family entertained, but it does not seem to be the best way to create parent-children bonds. Families can get together for huge events, but it takes little more than a pack of cards to get the conversation rolling. Not only is playing card games simply fun but it is also a great way to teach children how to read body language and patterns, predict the moves of the other players, follow rules and be a good sport if their luck takes a bad turn.

From memory enhancing games like Concentration and Doubt to more high strung games like Go Fish, War and Old Maid, there is sure to be a car game to suit the taste of all the players and include everyone, regardless of their experience or age. In fact, there are more kid-friendly versions of Blackjack (also called 21) and Poker too, so that they can start picking up the basics to these classics from a very young age.

Of course, there are always board games and numerous outdoor games one can enjoy as a family. But keeping a deck of cards at hand when travelling or at home can provide hours of fun without the need for complex equipment of any sort.

Creating Your Artistic Chessboard Amidst The Green Lawns

You must be rereading the title again now. But do not worry it’s just possible. One of the movies created by Richard Lester had depicted a scene where King Louis XIII would play chess on a beautifully carved chess board in the Versailles lawn. The Dalmatians, Great Danes, and other breeds were the chess pieces that could move. Not only the kings and the rich can enjoy such lavishness. You can also play chess in an outdoor environment. Many homes have a lot of exterior spaces. Arbor House, one of the reasonable housing complexes avail a fitness park in their outdoors.

They also provide a huge chessboard with movable pieces that are taller than a meter. Similarly, children in Scotland play chess with massive chess pieces to combat obesity. So, it is not impossible to have an outdoor chess unit. With ingenuity and some money, you can create one for yourselves. It is time to transform your home into a palace. Make sure to equip yourself with a mower and a measuring tape initially. Consider the total available space. Provide the lawn a good haircut. Remember the visuals of a chessboard, eight rows with eight spaces in alternating colors. Bend the grass to create directional stripes.

Decide on the size of your chess board. You can base your calculations based on the mower’s size. If you are using a 24-inch mower, then you would have a square that measures 2 feet by 2 feet. Accordingly, the 36-inch mower would provide three by 3 feet. After you calculate the perimeter, use a mason’s line and batter board to stake corners. Provide leveled layout lines. For obtaining square corners, the 3-4-5-triangle method would help. Move to the corner and arrive at 3 feet from one side and four from another, so that the distance amidst lines come to 5 feet. Perform this for all edges and make your adjustments accordingly to craft a beautiful chessboard.

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Creating The Drive-In Movies Experience At Home

Back in 1933, movie-goers were given the choice to waive the traditional theater experience in lieu of watching in the comfort of their own vehicles. Thus was born the demand and love for drive-in movies.. Today, laptops can give us an experience almost as exciting and beautiful as the drive-in movies- open air, backyard movie nights. Unlike community outdoor movies, where you are force to plan around the movie, this option is the ultimate choice in flexibility for both the show timings and the choice of movie. While many people won’t find it appealing to watch a movie without their creature comforts, here are ways to make the experience so comfortable that even the staunchest naysayer reconsider their stand on open air movie theatres.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that the people watching the movie will be seated for nearly two hours in the same position. The host’s job is to provide their guests with comfortable seating that is water-resistant, warm and comfortable. Adding throw pillows and blankets can further increase the comfort factor. The second thing to keep in mind is half the movie experience lies in the food. Have the standard fare of popcorn, chocolate and soda but don’t forget that you can also have gourmet burgers, hotdogs and other finger foods too. Have a variety of to suit your guest demography and plenty of it too.

Considering movies can be noisy, try inviting the neighbors or keeping the noise down with extra high fencing. After all, no one wants their movie nights crashed. Another possibly vexing problem to the gate crashing scenario is a boatload of bugs that decide your gathering is an excellent place to feast. Keep bugs sprays close by or light insect repelling tiki lamps. It goes without saying that a trial run of the entire setup can do wonders in dispelling fear of technical issues, but keep in mind that the main point of movie night is to have fun and relax.