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Scientific Flaws In The Making Of Hollywood Movies

Films have always been fun to watch. They are also the best entertainment channel. But it is important to communicate the reality in the movies for a better approval among the audience. A majority of the films that feature in the Hollywood are never concerned with idealizing the truth. The film creators there are associated with providing high-quality and extravagant special effects. A movie that is based on science in the Hollywood industry brims up with vague details. The best part is that the huge monsters keep sprouting from the thin seeds. One can never understand the genetic theory of evolution.

Also, you have a sudden spurt of natural disasters from nowhere. The superpowers of the action heroes do not even comply to the fundamentals of physics. Most often, the films that focus on the action genre offend all the laws of the ecosystem. A little scientific truth is blown into an enormous proportion. Absurd storylines are enhanced with jittery effects and showcased as interesting movies to the public entertainment. And most of the times it has worked too. Such films provide an importance to casting. They bring in veteran actors who can perform at their best to mask these absurd realities. Otherwise, anybody will be able to spot the mistakes and would exit the movie hall for sure.

The science is made to assume a sacrifice. The well-acclaimed movie Jurassic Park gave the illusion that one can extract the dinosaur’s DNA for reconstitution in the lab to develop a brand-new Tyrannosaurus rex. Many would have a hearty laugh now. But, those were the much-enjoyed movies. The process of recreating dinosaurs is not possible by any means. No one can acquire an undamaged DNA of the dinosaur and sequence them from trillions of tiny fragments. It just cannot happen. Generating chromosomes is not even easy to talk about and then comes the transfer into a compatible species. It could only be a big joke.

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Are Straight-To-DVD Movies Not Worth Watching?

Home entertainment offers people the best movies in the comfort of their own home. Additionally, renting a movie is a fraction of the cost of going to the theatres, and you can watch the movie as many times as you want within the stipulated time period. Since the early era of the humble VHS, it has become the dumping ground for movies that are predicted to make little to no impact on the big screen. Instead of labeling them complete failures, they are given a chance to prove their mettle on the small screen, giving them a second chance to earn a profit. However, it can’t be said that all direct-to-DVD movies are failures.

One of the reasons why a movie may be a VHS or DVD-only release is because it has become legitimate way of bypassing the traditional channels of reaching an audience, cutting out the middle man that is the theatre. While a packed theatre is a sure way to rake in the profits, getting the DVD version of the movie to the right audience can still bring in a good profit. This way, not only are the tanked movies given an exposure but can also become part of a very exclusive cult following if it does well on DVD. In today’s fast-paced movie market, promoting a movie can sometimes come with a price tag that costs at least half the expense of creating the movie itself. For small studios, that is a lot of money that could be spent on financing a story with a better plot.

It is not a case of only R rated movies being sold as DVD-only hits. In fact, many sequels to children’s movies and family friendly budget movies often find their way onto the small screen without hitting the silver screen first. These days, it has little to nothing to do with quality and more to do with how soon it can reach its intended audience.