Creating Your Artistic Chessboard Amidst The Green Lawns

You must be rereading the title again now. But do not worry it’s just possible. One of the movies created by Richard Lester had depicted a scene where King Louis XIII would play chess on a beautifully carved chess board in the Versailles lawn. The Dalmatians, Great Danes, and other breeds were the chess pieces that could move. Not only the kings and the rich can enjoy such lavishness. You can also play chess in an outdoor environment. Many homes have a lot of exterior spaces. Arbor House, one of the reasonable housing complexes avail a fitness park in their outdoors.

They also provide a huge chessboard with movable pieces that are taller than a meter. Similarly, children in Scotland play chess with massive chess pieces to combat obesity. So, it is not impossible to have an outdoor chess unit. With ingenuity and some money, you can create one for yourselves. It is time to transform your home into a palace. Make sure to equip yourself with a mower and a measuring tape initially. Consider the total available space. Provide the lawn a good haircut. Remember the visuals of a chessboard, eight rows with eight spaces in alternating colors. Bend the grass to create directional stripes.

Decide on the size of your chess board. You can base your calculations based on the mower’s size. If you are using a 24-inch mower, then you would have a square that measures 2 feet by 2 feet. Accordingly, the 36-inch mower would provide three by 3 feet. After you calculate the perimeter, use a mason’s line and batter board to stake corners. Provide leveled layout lines. For obtaining square corners, the 3-4-5-triangle method would help. Move to the corner and arrive at 3 feet from one side and four from another, so that the distance amidst lines come to 5 feet. Perform this for all edges and make your adjustments accordingly to craft a beautiful chessboard.

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