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A Wobble In My Fan

Our goal is to save you money.

Calling an electrician to repair a ceiling fan will cost as much as having the electrician replace the fan. And the repair will likely only take 15 minutes. Let us help you save some money.

A wobble in my fan? You can fix that! The number one reason a fan wobbles is loose fan blade mounting screws. The number two reason a fan wobbles is a bent fan blade. Over time the screws loosen because the fan vibrates. The balancing kits that come with the fan or that you can purchase are a waste of your time and money. You can use the following methods to install a new fan or repair a fan that has been in your home for years.

New Braunfels Electricians fixing Fans

Vintage fan on wood ceiling

Loose fan blade mounting screws.

Make sure all power is turned off to the Ceiling Fan and light kit.
Get your ladder and stand where the fan blades are about head height.
Hold the blade where the mounting bracket meets the blade with one hand and move it slightly up and down. Repeat this with each blade, you may find one blade that feels different.
Follow the mounting bracket to where it meets the fan motor and there will be two screws.
Tighten those screws with your screwdriver. While you are there tighten the other mounting brackets as well.

If your screwdriver cannot fit into the space between the mounting bracket and the base of the fan you will need to remove the base cover which has three small screws. Once the cover is off there will be three more screws that connect to the fan. Remove these screws and the covermount will come off. Now you will be able to tighten the fan blade mounting bracket and check all the other brackets.
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here are also screws that mount the blade to the mounting bracket which you may want to tighten, which are located on the top of the fan blade.

If your screws were tight and the problem is not fixed, you may have a bent fan blade mounting bracket.

If you are asking yourself how it got bent, let me tell you the most common ways. If you have kids, they do throw things in the house. If you haven’t seen them throw things like pillows or toys, they are doing it behind your back. Also, you may have moved a piece of furniture in the room where the fan is located, bumping the fan.

Bent Fan Blade

Make sure the power is turned off to the Ceiling Fan and light kit.
Stand on your ladder to where your head is at the end of the blade away from the fan motor.
Using a tape measure or yardstick, measure the distance from the tip of the blade to the ceiling or the ground. Rotate the fan to measure each blade the same way. If one blade is fourteen inches then they should all be fourteen inches.

An electrician removing an old ceiling fan. The fan was installed without a ceiling box, in violation of code.

Once you have found the blade or blades that are a different height, it is time to make the repair. Put one hand on the blade mounting bracket and move it slightly up or down in the direction that will bring you to the distance of the other blades. Then check your measurement. Repeat this until you match the measurement of the other blades.

As electricians, our advice is to go through the steps and check it yourself. You could save between $90 and $150. Most homes have more than one ceiling fan, and now that you have the steps you are ready to save!

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