Keeping The Family Entertained Without A TV

It seems lounging in front of the TV has become more than an addiction in keeping the family entertained, but it does not seem to be the best way to create parent-children bonds. Families can get together for huge events, but it takes little more than a pack of cards to get the conversation rolling. Not only is playing card games simply fun but it is also a great way to teach children how to read body language and patterns, predict the moves of the other players, follow rules and be a good sport if their luck takes a bad turn.

From memory enhancing games like Concentration and Doubt to more high strung games like Go Fish, War and Old Maid, there is sure to be a car game to suit the taste of all the players and include everyone, regardless of their experience or age. In fact, there are more kid-friendly versions of Blackjack (also called 21) and Poker too, so that they can start picking up the basics to these classics from a very young age.

Of course, there are always board games and numerous outdoor games one can enjoy as a family. But keeping a deck of cards at hand when travelling or at home can provide hours of fun without the need for complex equipment of any sort.

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